Bassist Bryant Wilder's Fingerprints Pluckwild Music Is thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from Bryant Wilder, Fingerprints, available everywhere on August 21, 2020. 1.51 MB
Bryant Wilder - Bass Magazine Bryant Wilder Announces New Album 'Fingerprints' | Fingerprints is an eclectic blend of incredible funk, salsa and gospel. 1020 KB
Bryant Wilder - Bass Player Thumpin' For The Lord | "You'll be in seventh heaven once you get the hang of this groove by New York's Bryant Wilder." 2.1 MB
Bryant Wilder - Bass World The Right Track |"From the beginning Bryant’s smooth, sleek production skills shine through with sequenced tracks being flawlessly mixed with live recording." 162 KB
Bryant Wilder - Bass Inside Home Grown Funk | "Bryant has achieved an incredible sound on his premiere solo album, ‘The Right Track’. One of the more interesting things is that he did 99% of that all in his own home. Kinda makes you think that it is true that if you want it done right, you do it yourself!" 246 KB